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FÖRST Donates woodchipper to college

Först, the woodchipper supplier, is helping to support the next generation of arborists through its partnership with Capel Manor College. The Middlesex-based college, which has more than 3,000 students, offers a wide range of land-based courses including Arboriculture & Countryside, Saddelry & Leatherwork and Horticulture & Landscaping.

Först donated an ST6 woodchipper to the college for its Arboriculture & Countryside courses after meeting with the college lecturers and students last summer. With more than 200 students spread across Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Professional Short Courses and Apprenticeships, the wheeled machine plays a vital role in providing practical training for the wood chipping and felling courses. Predominantly used by apprentices and Professional Short Course students, the machine enables students to achieve their required Certification of Competence, allowing them to begin their career in their chosen arborist sector.

Speaking of the partnership, Derek McFarland, Deputy Head of the School of Arboriculture & Countryside at Capel Manor College, said, “The donation of the Först ST6 woodchipper has genuinely been a real benefit for students, allowing future tree surgeons access to quality equipment.

“When training our students, their safety is always of the upmost importance and Först machines are, in my opinion, the industry leader for safety innovations.

“In addition, they are the quietest machines I’ve encountered, which is another fantastic safety feature for the students, ensuring they can hear their course mates and lecturers at all times.”

Derek continued:

“As many of our students are apprentices, it is extremely important that they receive the correct training and receive their accreditation to allow them to progress with their career. It is such a benefit that the students can be trained and assessed on this machine.”