GreenMech SAFE-Trak 19-28 Wood Chipper

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Key Features

190mm chipping capacity

50hp Kubota diesel engine

Disc-Blade chipping technology

Twin hydraulic feed rollers

No-Stress power control

Patented SAFE-Trak system

Innovative Engineering

The SAFE-Trak 19-28 is designed with GreenMech’s award-winning patented track extension system, allowing massive ground clearance of up to 550mm enabling access across the most difficult terrain. This pioneering feature makes is a popular machine for de-veg contractors working on power line and railway track maintenance. Also, by extending only one track at a time, embankments up to 35° can be traversed  in complete safety, allowing the chipper to get to the material to be chipped.  In addition, a twin pump system, delivering a flow of 90lt per minute, gives swift tracking speeds of up
to 6km per hour.

Fitted with a 50hp Kubota diesel engine and a 4 Disc-Bladed flywheel, the SAFE-Trak 19-28 is an impressive work-horse and comes with all the standard features expected of a GreenMech chipper. These include a 190mm x 280mm letterbox style infeed throat and powerful twin hydraulic feed rollers that drag even the most awkward forked material effortlessly to the chipping system. In total, this gives the SAFE-Trak 19-28 a performance far in excess of a comparative chipper. This ground-breaking machine is engineered with an all-electric control system including a re-set button at the driving end of the machine for user comfort. For security, this can be hidden by the driving platform when the machine is not is use.  This feature also allows for remote throttle control at the working end. For additional user friendliness, GreenMech has included in the design a support leg to aid track belt replacement, a jerry can for emergency fuel and vibration isolation on the stand-on platform. This model also comes with the option of an electric winch.

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The original SAFE-Trak extension system

In 1999, at the request of several customers, GreenMech produced the UK’s first tracked wood chipper. At the time they thought the market would be small, but they were wrong, as significant UK and European sales followed. Designed on a conventional track carrier – similar to that of mini excavators – they soon found out the limitations and frequently found themselves stuck on top of tree stumps and unable to climb slopes due to either instability or restrictions with oil flows to the engine. After further years of research and development, the SAFE-Trak was launched in 2002. This brand-new design broke the mould because it was the first chipper that was both tracked and narrow – increasing accessibility – but which could safely operate on slopes and embankments.

Since its introduction into the professional arb world, the SAFE-Trak has become one of the most popular models in the GreenMech range. A particular favourite with de-veg contractors who work to maintain highways, power lines and railway networks, the SAFE-Trak has the capacity to go virtually anywhere.

Its innovative patented track-extension system extends each track independently to give up to 550mm ground clearance, enabling it to access the most difficult terrain. By extending only one track, slopes up to 35° can be traversed in complete safety, allowing the chipper to be closer to the job in hand, saving both time and money. One of the SAFE-Trak models has the option to have the rubber tracks fit neatly under the chipper body so that when fully retracted the SAFE-Trak’s minimum width is only 740mm, allowing it to fit through a standard 760mm gateway.

Revolutionary Disc-Blade chipping 

The vulnerability of conventional straight blades, highlighted by rental companies, when contaminants such as soil and nails are inadvertently introduced into the chipper, means that users often find that sharpening and even the replacement of blades become necessary all too frequently. Following the introduction of the Disc-Blade system in 1995 these issues have been greatly reduced. As a result, these pioneering round blades are now the preferred choice with many contractors. Unless requested, all GreenMech hydraulic machines are fitted with Disc-Blades as standard.

The Disc-Blade system, with its slicing action as opposed to chopping, is 1.5dB quieter than conventional straight blades, according to data obtained from the recognised standard noise test for wood chippers. It is worth noting that for every 3dB reduction in noise emissions the sound pressure on the ears is reduced by a massive 50 per cent. When the Disc-Blades are used, only 30 per cent of their circumferences come into contact with the woody material, hence the blades can be turned to the next sharp section when the edge has worn. This allows the blades to be turned twice before they need to be re-sharpened, in essence giving you three blades in one. By loosening the retaining bolt, the Disc-Blades can be rotated in either direction. If damage occurs to the blade through insertion of contaminants such as stones or nails, the damaged section can simply be positioned away from the cutting area. Conventional straight blades are more susceptible to damage and therefore will need to be replaced more frequently for optimal performance. When sharpened and refitted, the distance between the anvil and blade also needs to be adjusted. This does not apply to Disc-Blades, as they are sharpened from the rear so the front face does not alter and the gap remains constant.

GreenMech safe-trak 19-28 wood chipper

Buying a GreenMech Woodchipper

As leading manufacturers of wood chippers, GreenMech machines offer you:

  • high performance
  • easy operation
  • low maintenance
  • competitive price structure
  • complete after sales service

Our ranges offer diversity of use and are feature rich:

  • road towable, tracked and pto driven
  • petrol or diesel powered
  • unique Disc Blade technologies
  • no stress power control system
  • turntable options
  • high quality coatings
    (1000 hour salt spray)
  • noise level reduction system

Technical Specifications

Hush Chip System N/A
Brakes Soft ride rubber tracks with fully automated braking system braking
Engine Make Kubota Diesel
Engine Power 50 hp
Chipping Flywheel 600mm x 25mm
Noise Level Lwa: 120dBa – Lpa: 96dBa
Feed Roller Twin Hydraulic, Spring Tensioned
Infeed Chute Opening 1200mm x 840mm
Power Control No Stress Electronic Feed Roller Control
Fuel Capacity 50 litres Diesel
Fuel Consumption 5 litres per hour at 60%
Hour Meter Standard
Capacity 190mm 280mm
Rotor Speed 1400rpm
Disc Cutters 4
Tyre Size Track size 1768mm x 250mm
Transport Length 3346mm
Width 1429mm
Height 2587mm
Weight 2000kg
Own Livery Colour Option

Outstanding after
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